Monday, May 14, 2012

The Letter

An open letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Foreign Minister Bob Carr about Schapelle Corby . . .
Dear Julia and Bob,
Re: Australian citizen Schapelle Corby and police evidence which proves her innocence - plus evidence of gross   Indonesian discrimination against an Australian citizen
Recently leaked minutes of 17 October 2005 NSW Crime Commission meeting refers to listening device evidence which not only proves Schapelle is innocent, it clearly points to the guilt of a criminal friend of corrupt NSW policeman Christopher John Laycock.  Laycock was recently jailed for many serious offences, after an inexplicable 7 year delay in charging him.  He is the son of a retired police commissioner.  Those meeting minutes can viewed in brief at:
And the full report of this outrage is available at:
That evidence also confirms the testimony of self-confessed felon William Moss, who publicly admitted in 2005 he was part of a criminal plot, using innocent airline passengers to ferry marijuana between domestic airports.  However at the time, ABC Australia called him a liar, so he sued them.  I note after the above mentioned minutes were leaked (proving his story), our national broadcaster quietly paid him off (to the tune of several thousand dollars), to stop his legal action.  The full report re William Moss, and the money he received from ABC Australia, can be seen at:
I further note a letter dated 6 July 2005, sent by the then Minister for Justice & Customs, Christopher Ellison, to the Australian Federal Police, also confirms Schapelle’s boogie board bag was illegally diverted away from the required x ray screening (after she checked it in), by corrupt insiders.  This resulted in QANTAS ferrying an unscreened bag to a high risk terror destination (Bali), so I guess all passengers on that flight were extremely lucky they weren’t blown out of the sky.  This evidence can be viewed at:
None of the above information was ever conveyed to Schapelle or her legal team; in fact it was deliberately withheld from public view due to (one can assume), the extreme political embarrassment of admitting these terrible security failings in our post 9/11 World.  
Then Schapelle’s Indonesian lawyer confirmed (in a 2005 fax to then Prime Minister John Howard), that the highest term ever given to an Indonesian citizen found with a similar amount of marijuana was/is just 5 years - and one Indonesian man found with 161 kilos of the drug (40 times the amount found in Schapelle’s bag), got just 10 years, or in other words, just half of Schapelle’s 20 year sentence.  Here is that fax:
Plus as Australia’s Herald Sun told us on 16 June 2010, only 13 out of 70 Bali bombing and Jakarta Embassy terrorists are still in jail - and the Sydney Morning Herald (11 March 2008), reported that a drug-dealing Bali prison boss, Mohammad Sudrajat, got just four years.
So Bob and Julia, what do you intend to do about getting an innocent, victimised woman home ASAP?  Or will you demonstrate your unfitness to govern by continuing the cover-up?
We look forward to your prompt reply.